Representative Cases


  • Tried a personal injury claim against the manufacturer of industrial rope involving catastrophic degloving injuries
  • Tried a serious personal injury case against the manufacturer of a handgun involving an unintended discharge due to an alleged defect
  • Tried to a jury verdict a case against the manufacturer of refrigeration equipment involving Reynaud’s Syndrome
  • Tried a wrongful death case involving a teenage drunk driver
  • Tried to a jury verdict a claim against a well-known nightspot involving a fall from a mechanical bull
  • Tried to a jury verdict a claim of libel by a dentist against a dental insurance carrier
  • Successfully resolved a wrongful death/product liability case involving the death of a young man operation an all-terrain drilling rig
  • Tried to a jury verdict a claim of brain injury resulting from a fall at a construction site
  • Settled a trip and fall case involving orthopedic and ocular injuries
  • Handled catastrophic personal injury cases involving manufacturers of large scale farm equipment
  • Settled a claim arising out of a ‘T-bone’ automobile accident
  • Mediated several snow and water skiing personal injury accidents, one involving a fatality and two involving catastrophic injuries
  • Mediated several cases involving tree care/arborist services with personal injury or property damage claims resulting
  • Mediated a case with allegations of police excessive force involving a gang member
  • Mediated a catastrophic personal injury claim as part of a program designed to work out claims against General Motors after its reorganization in the financial crisis
  • Mediated several matters involving pest control chemical applications and claimed personal injury
  • Mediated a case involving the claim by a driver of a large recreational vehicle that an oncoming pick-up truck had caused a wild turkey to fly into the RV’s windshield, resulting in personal injury
  • Mediated a personal injury matter involving multiple party catastrophic injuries against a major freight line
  • Mediated the civil aspect of a case in which two teenagers stabbed a fellow student to death “to see what it would be like to kill someone”
  • Mediated a personal injury claim, with significant injuries, arising out of a gang-related shooting at a nightclub
  • Mediated a personal injury claim against a swim school involving claims of inadequate maintenance and supervision
  • Mediated a multi-party claim for serious injuries arising out of a bar fight at a resort for college students on spring break, with allegations of inadequate staffing and supervision
  • Served as sole arbitrator on approximately 30 uninsured/underinsured motorist claims
  • Mediated claims of elder abuse and personal injury for lack of supervision against a rehabilitation facility