• Pool Contractor charged double original contract price. At the same time, owner made numerous requests for additions to founds or contractor left job unfinished, charging $60K unpaid. Owner asserted poor workmanship, work not authorized, etc. Very few written changes.
  • Mediated a breach of contract and fraud matter where the claim is set at a multimillion-dollar stake for a phone service in South Africa.
  • Successfully resolved a suit involving a claim of a defective valve allegedly causing the corruption of several million dollars’ worth of silicon chips
  • Appointed by the Federal Court as a Special Master in claims under the Perishable Agricultural Commodities Act
  • Appointed by the Federal Court in a matter involving multiple lawsuits alleging fraud and violation of various federal contract statutes in connection with the construction of federal facilities in two states
  • Appointed by the Federal Court as Special Master in a multimillion dollar case involving large industrial HVAC installations
  • Appointed by the Federal Court as Special Master in a dispute between two major telephone and online language translation services – the dispute involved a bitter fight over market share
  • Served as referee at the deposition of plaintiff in a hotly contested allegation that blood donations by the defendant had been used by a prominent medical facility for purposes not authorized by the donor – a rare blood type was involved
  • Appointed by the Federal Court as a Special Master to advise the Court whether counsel had committed fraud in certain representations to the Court
  • Mediated a matter involving the failure of a winery and the disposition/disappearance of its wine inventory
  • Mediated the terms of sale of a dental practice, with suggestions of fraud and misrepresentation
  • Mediated a claim between a business customer and a major bank concerning alleged mishandling of substantial funds
  • Mediated a claim by a trucking company against a major manufacturer for alleged multiple breaches of warranty
  • Mediated a dispute between several brothers involving the buyout of one brother’s interest in the family ranching operation
  • Mediated a dispute between a manufacturer and a customer alleging delivery of non-conforming aircraft parts
  • Mediated a claim by the owner of an exceptionally valuable classic car against a restoration company for failure to complete restoration work and for poor workmanship
  • Mediated, on an ongoing basis, a dispute between and among the members of a homeowners’ association board, including providing for a necessary board election and supervision of the vote


Representative Cases